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Frequently asked questions

What is The Luving Paws Foundation?

The Luving Paws Foundation is a nonprofit organization that rescue, rehab, vet under the highest veterinary standards, find forever homes for doggies and provides behavior intervention to improve chances of adoption. Founded since 2010, we are located in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

We also provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people.

Is The Luving Paws Foundation a “non-kill” rescue?

We will never euthanize a dog for space or time. Adoptable doggies will stay in our care for as long as it takes to get a family, non-adoptable will stay with us forever or until they are full rehab and then proven in a foster that could be a family dog.

Where can I see The Luving Paws Foundation's adoptable dogs?

All dogs ready for adoption will be posted to our website and in Pet Finder.

Our physical facilities and headquarter are located in Humacao PR and pre-approved adopters can visit by appointment and meet the doggies.

Is very important for potential adopters in the states to understand that we don’t have a physical facility, once the dog flight to the Northeast or any states we run on a limited amount of foster; we need you to provide in the adoption form the most acquired information of you and the expectations from the doggie you want to adopt, so we can match you and your family with the perfect doggie. Please be honest.

Does The Luving Paws Foundation have an adoption fee?

Our adoption fee is $540.00. All our rescue dogs are in a 90 days quarantine minimum period, in all that time are dogs go through 4 stages veterinary protocols including specialist visit, if our license veterinarian refers the dog. We are the only Rescue Organization base in Puerto Rico to fully vetted all our dogs to the highest standards of veterinary care, vaccinated, spay/neuter, microchipped. We perform more than 20 different test in all our doggies to make sure we deliver to you and your family a healthy dog, all by a license veterinary.


This is a small fraction of our overall cost to rescue each dog (our overall cost per rescue dog is $ 2,000 not including transport cost to USA). We provide to the adopters all original veterinary record of the dog and also the phones of our veterinary clinic in Puerto Rico in case the adopters or the adopters want to talk to our veterinarian.


Our adoption kit come with leash, collar, harness, name tag, three months supply of Heartworm pills and 3 moths supply of tick/fleas preventive among some other goodies from our friends and longtime supporters TOY DOGGIE BRAND. Only that is a $200 retail value.


We also will be advising you and your family with professional guidance from our behaviorist, that already knows your doggie, during the decompression period while your dog adjust to your new home.



Do you test your Bori doggies with cats, kids, humans and other dogs?


Absolutely yes.

We will never place a dog in a house with cats or kids that is not tested before. Also if you have a special enquire feel free to ask our adoption coordinator.


Our commitment with our rescues is help them reach their maximum level of enrichment and through that process we learn about their personality. On the minimum three month quarantine they also are positive corrected and learn the basic tools of training.


Our dogs are not in cages like vet clinics type of living, they live in packs with different age, gender, size of dogs, they have indoors and outdoors spaces and environments. By the time they are ready for adoption we can recognize what type of family will fit perfect for each of our dogs.


Also, we live with them, we know exactly how they react to many situations. This is another big different between us and any other Rescue Organizations.


*Even with all this we cannot guarantee that some doggies will change during the adjustment period in your home. but because we get know them so well, we can guide you through this process. If a dog needs specifically a dog trainer, we will let you know before you make the decision of adopting the dog.



What is the policy about returning dogs/taking dogs back?


Under any circumstance and in our legally adoption contract states that all dogs from THE LUVING PAWS FOUNDATION MUST BE RETURN TO US. You don’t have the right to rehome or surrender to a shelter.


All our dogs are MICROCHIP with our information.



After I adopt from you, what is the next step?

(PR residents only)

We do follow - ups every 3 months to our dogs. The first check up, after your adoption day and vaccines due, the will visit our veterinary at Clinica Mi Mascota ( we will schedule the appointment) and the visit and vaccines will be cover by The Luving Paws.

Yearly 4dx will be cover by adopter.


We strongly suggest to keep your dog in heartworm preventive every months, and also after the first years check up, to keep your dog up to date in exams, vaccines, preventives by a licensed veterinary.


Our adoption contract states also this.



Can you flight dogs to USA?


Yes. We can.


Massachusetts residents must have a quarantine facility State Approved as stablish by the state law 1-AHO-05. Regardless the fact that we quarantine for 3 months minimum our doggies and vets all to the highest standards in Puerto Rico.


Minnesota residents must also have a veterinary align for quarantine purpose.

If you have any questions during the process of filling out the adoption application please contact us:





787-312-4292 (via whatsapp or text message, we will return to you)

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