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What is Travel Guardians?

It’s a very simple concept that dates back many years, believed to have originated in South America and quickly spread through the Rescue communities. 


The short version: someone goes on vacation to Puerto Rico. That someone signs up with us to be a Travel Guardian and takes 1 or 2 of our Bori Doggie on their return flight to the States in a small soft travel case. The Bori Doggies forever family is waiting at the airport for their adopted Baby, hand off, mission accomplished! 

Being a Travel Guardian is free to you and very easily added to your return flight. Simple, convenient and one of the most rewarding experiences people have. 

Who is Travel Guardians?

Travel Guardians is an extension of The Luving Paws Foundation. We are an IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit. We are also a Puerto Rican approved 1102.A2 (CRIPR) nonprofit. Our original founder has been rescuing animals in Puerto Rico for 35+ years. 

We have many Bori Doggies already adopted and waiting for you to become a Travel Guardian, come Travel with us! 

We need Travel Guardians going to, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Florida. Any State you are traveling to if we don’t have a Bori Doggie going there we can set you up with another organization that needs your help.


What to expect on travel day

What to expect on travel day, one of our people or someone from the organization we set you up with will meet you at the airport (minimum 1 hour before traveling) with the dog or dogs in soft travel cases and all the needed paperwork and supplies for the dog. They will help you through the process up until you need to pass through security.


At that point you will need to remove the dog from the carrying case to pass through the x-ray machine you can then walk the dog on leash or place her/ him back in the carry case. When boarding the plane the dog must be in the carry case and needs to be placed between your legs on the floor and under the seat in front of you for traveling.


When you reach your destination the new family will be waiting for you, a hand off, a picture, a hug, and your great deed is done until the next time you travel to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷


Thank you for your service!

Travel Guardian Form

Flight information 

Your information is private and will only be shared with other screened organizations traveling dogs / cats out of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 


Thank you for Traveling with us!

Thanks for submitting!


Car 3 K79, El Caracolillo 

Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791

working Hours


Calling Hours

8am - 4pm

Visiting Hours

Through Appointments only.  

Appointments can be made through Instagram or WhatsApp: (787) 312-4292  

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