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All street, stray, abandoned, abused, neglected and surrendered dog are not SATOS!! 

SATOS are our mixed breed dogs or mutts. They are amazing, resilient and lovely. Like all mixed breed dogs, their immune system is stronger than pure breed dogs, a trait that gives them a longevity. 

Before Spain discovered Puerto Rico it was called BORIQUÉN by our Tainos. All Puerto Ricans born and raised in Puerto Rico are called BORICUAS. 

BORI DOGGIES 🇵🇷 are our dogs, born and raised in our island, no matter if they are satos or pure breeds.



Daphne Osorio (Nani)

100% Boricua


Thanks you for your interest in adopting a BORI DOGGY from The Luving Paws Foundation!

Adoption is a gift of love, but also is a commitment and you must be prepared to care for your new family member for a lifetime.


Before completing our adoption application, we respectfully ask that you review our policies and guidelines. 


Our puppies should never be alone for more than 4 hours per day on regular basis, unless is in a day care, Nani in home care or a dog walker. Puppies need to be bonded with their owners and the more time they are left alone, the less will be learning and positive corrected; ending in unwanted young adults' dogs.


We don’t approve electric fences and electric shock collars (used for behavior or barking)


We strongly don’t suggest big dogs for apartments unless you are retired, work from home and have enough time to exercise and stay with your new family member.


*In the application below, we request 2 names and phone numbers of personal references (not relatives), also your current present or past veterinary (in case you have dogs before) and your landlord if you rent. Please let each reference know to expect a call from us.


Not providing this information disqualify you as an adoption candidate. Adopting a dog is an incredible rewarding experience.


It’s a life-long commitment to that animal and requires a strong compromise from you. We recommend you carefully consider this commitment before submitting your application, especially first-time dog owners.


They are many resources on the internet that describe the cost and daily commitment involved.


*Luving Paws Foundation's bori doggies, are our babies, when you adopt one of our dogs you become part of our extended family, we will make sure to help you in the transition to your home and we will be by your side all the way. If by any reason you can’t keep that dog, you can't give it to another person or surrender to a shelter, you will need to return to us.


*Adoption fee is not refundable


For more information about adoption policies go to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section.

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Car 3 K79, El Caracolillo 

Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791

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Calling Hours

8am - 4pm

Visiting Hours

Through Appointments only.

Appointments can be made through Instagram or WhatsApp: (787) 312-4292  

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